“At the worst period for a sick child, we found Netiv Halev to give them strength to fight.”

The no-profit organization “Netiv Halev” works to ease the difficult fight for children diagnosed with cancer.

He is just a boy. He needs our strength to fight this aggressive cancer. We do everything in our power to allow him to receive everything he needs to come back to life - by funding expensive medicine, our volunteers who do what they can to ease this difficult period, to make their dreams come true, financial help for the families and more. - Together we have the power to fight with courage and win against all odds!

Let’s save them together!

Our campaigns

Our activities

Volunteering in the hospital

Treatment funding for kids

Food vouchers to families

You have the power to strengthen them, 
to give them a future!

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The path to our heart is open to you,


פנייתך התקבלה בהצלחה!

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